Build & Install


Let our experienced team of professionals transform your electrical plans and site layouts into reality:

  • DC Plants with start-up and testing
  • Ladder Racks with associated DC cabling
  • Network bays, racks, BDFB’s
  • Fiber-optic channels and associated wiring
  • Telecom battery stacks, flooded batteries with spill containment and hydrogen sensors
  • Busbars (CE Compliant)
  • All conduit, distribution panels, transformers and alarm monitors as well as communication cabling.

We pride ourselves on our installations of power equipment, batteries and associated cabling with distribution cabinets in Main Electrical Rooms, Central Offices & Datacenters.

We provide & install ladder rack, cabling, rectifiers, inverters, power distribution cabinets and fiberguide in Central Office and Headends.