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AC/DC Synergy Group, Inc. is a woman-owned small business that has over thirty years of combined experience in the power quality field. Our staff can service nearly all manufacturers of uninterruptible power supplies, power distribution units, battery chargers, battery systems, generators, HVAC, and more. We offer a UPS and battery preventative maintenance program. Our goal is to provide customers with zero down time for all critical load systems.

We provide commission testing, infrared readings and reports, and consulting services. We offer our customers from simple solutions of reworking existing equipment to purchasing new. We offer a full-scale turn-key solution to their UPS requirements. We also provide full-service battery replacements and battery monitoring systems.

Our team as a whole has a combined experience age of 90 years in UPS services, Battery services, and Facilities Management.

     We offer:

🗲 UPS Service and sales (start-ups, maintenance, PM’s, Emergency services)
🗲 Battery service and sales – maintenance (VRLA & Wet Cell), replacements
🗲 Battery monitoring (sales, installation, service, and monitoring)
🗲 Commission Testing
🗲 Infrared scanning
🗲 Capacity Testing
🗲 Preventive Maintenance
🗲 Emergency Power
🗲 Portable DC Power
🗲 Switch-gear
🗲 Transformers
🗲 Load bank testing

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    Our commitment to safety is integral to our success.  Jobs large or small are carefully planned and include a written pre-task safety assessment to assure that AC/DC Synergy Group personnel identify potential hazards related to the work and have the necessary safeguards in place to protect against those hazards.   Basic safe practices include the use of insulated tools, proper PPE clothing and head gear.  Taking the time up front for safety considerations protects the premises as well as the personnel from disasters such as Arc-Flash incidents.