Infrared Scanning & Inspection Services

Infrared Scanning is a non-intrusive preventative maintenance inspection used to detect potential points of failure in your power equipment and batteries.

This proactive approach to detecting problem areas decreases the risk of equipment failure and ultimately:

  • Keeps UPS Equipment & Batteries in Strong Condition
  • Eliminates Unexpected System Down-Time
  • Reduces Repair Costs
  • Can Decrease Building Insurance Premiums
  • Prevents Equipment Failures
  • Improves Electrical & Mechanical System Efficiency
  • Identifies Areas Needing Preventative Maintenance
  • Reduces Risk of Catastrophic System Failure

*No equipment shutdown is necessary for this process

Hot Fuse Panel

This infrared image was obtained from the 480VAC input power to a piece of production equipment.

Batteries Overheating

This infrared scan of batteries from a UPS system uncovers a dangerous thermal runway condition occurring.